Live Images

These are Live iso images to be burnt to DVD or USB.

This is a fairly vanilla Qubes 4.0.1 install, with Fedora and Debian templates.
To save space, there is no Whonix.
Naturally, there is no sys-usb.
sys-net is NOT set to autostart, and you will have to configure it with appropriate hardware before starting.
Unfortunately, the installer doesn't work as yet.
sha-256 hash:
eec3c6db0915522ffd5429c7c1424c5213925ba614629fd5690a82090ef99ddd qubes.iso

This is a fairly vanilla Qubes 3.2 install, with Stretch template.
sha-256 hash:

This is a Qubes 3.2 install, with Debian templates.
It is preconfigured with TorVM, and the online qube uses a minimal template and has Tor Browser installed.
The Stretch template has usual office stuff and veracrypt.
Sys-net and TorVM have restrictive firewalls. NetworkManager is configured to spoof MAC addresses.
sha-256 hash:

All files are signed with my Qubes OS Signing key:

pub   4096R/C8C0C2EF 2016-06-25
      Key fingerprint = 4B1F 400D F256 51B5 3C41  41B3 8B3F 30F9 C8C0 C2EF
uid                  unman (Qubes OS signing key) 
sub   4096R/4731B36C 2016-06-27 [expires: 2018-07-01]

You will have to configure sys-net to use network devices.
Naturally there's no sys-usb and by default dom0 sees all controllers.
Play around with boot parameters, device allocations, and qube preferences.

I've had these working with 4GB RAM, but realistically 8GB is minimum for anything serious.
Using DVD you need a fast drive and plenty of patience.
With USB you can get pretty decent performance.